A turbulent follower of Bertolt Brecht, Matthias Langhoff staged his first productions at the Berliner Ensemble. Since then, his radical works have continually shaken European theatre. The often-iconoclastic plays go against the grain of the scripts and take a caustic and uncompromising look at the contemporary world. On the occasion of his latest play, Cinema Apollo adapted from the novel Contempt by A. Moravia, the film paints a portrait of the stage director at work. Dotted with archive images, the film reveals the evolution of a provocative and original form of theatrical aesthetics.


Director                            Olivier Zuchuat
                                             d’après une idée de Michel Deutsch et Philippe Macasdar
Dir. de la photographie        Patrick Tresch
Cadre                                     Patrick Tresch & Olivier Zuchuat
Son                                        Martin Stricker, Aris Athanassopoulos
Montage                                Olivier Zuchuat
Mixage son                           Martin Stricker - Le Bruit qui court
Enregistrement Voix             Masé Studio
Etalonnage                            Jean-Baptiste Perrin - Seven Prod
Assistante (Grèce)                Eleni Gioti
Production                            Gabriela Bussmann – GoldenEggproduction
Co-production                      RTS, SRF, Les Films du Mélangeur.


Shooting format :         HD 1080p
Screening Format :         DCP 24i or 1080p
Length :         53 min
Screen :         1,78
Sound :         stereo



SUISSE :    GoldenEggProduction SARL
Rue de la Filature 22, 1227 Genève
+41 (22) 343 77 26